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An Eclectic Group Of Doggy All-sorts. Be Sure To Peek Inside

Non Sporting Dogs

American Eskimo Dogs come in three fun sizes; Toy, miniature and standard, so there is one to suit all lifestyles! Alert and active they make great watchdogs and a loyal if independent minded companion.

The Bichon Frise is sweet, perky, bouncy, active, and very playful, with sporadic bursts of energy that leads them into many unknown adventures.

Boston Terriers are a saucy, playful and devoted little breed, sensitive to their owners moods and a little stubborn. This is a people dog through and through and make friendly good natured pets.

The Bulldog's classic look is hard to mistake, whose very appearance exudes strength and dignity. Also known as Old English Bulldogs they are totally devoted to their owners.

Chinese Shar-Pei

The Chow Chow is a dignified and aloof breed carrying an almost lordly air about them. Chows are strong willed and independent, loyal to their family and are natural guardians.

 Coton de Tulear

The Dalmatian is an iconic dog breed, known instantly the world over,they are elegant, exuberant and playful making a fantastic and enjoyable pet for the right owner .

Finnish Spitz

French Bulldog


Lhasa Apso


 Norwegian Lundehund


Shiba Inu

The Standard Poodle, is the largest of the poodle sizes and belies its image as a pampered parlour pooch, being a playful energetic and responsive dog.

Check out our great poodle page for loads of info and pics.

Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Terrier


american eskimo dog bichon frise Boston Terrier bulldog Chow Chow coton de tulear dalmatian French Bulldog Keeshond Lhasa Apso norwegian lundhund Schipperke Shiba Inu Standard Poodle

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non-sporting-dogsNon Sporting dogs represent a diverse potpourri of beautiful breeds,  read on to learn more about this brilliant group AKA the Utility Group by other breed clubs.

Non sporting dog breeds are a mixed bag that didn’t for one reason or another make it into the various formal groupings that had been developed to better classify breeds. This disparate band of dogs make for some unusual stable mates with such obviously different breeds as the Boston Terrier and Dalmatian being lumped together.

There is regular controversy about whether certain breeds within this group should be reclassified, and  there are many examples of non sporting dog breeds  which have obvious roots in the other groups. In 1999 for example the Leonberger was taken out of the non sporting group into the newly revised working group.

Confusion is further compounded when kennel clubs in different countries choose to classify the same breed in different groups, the Shih Tzu is for example classified as a toy breed by some kennel clubs such as the AKC and as a utility/ non sporting breed by others including the Westminster Kennel Club.

In general non sporting breeds were not developed for any single purpose, or if they were that purpose has become redundant or fallen into decline. The Dalmatian was once a coach dog, the Poodle was originally used as a water dog and the Bulldog being bred as a bull baiter are prime examples of this tendency.It is well worth looking at the Non Sporting dogs within this group as you never know what fabulous furry gem you may discover.

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Non Sporting Dogs   

 Official American Kennel Club  Non-Sporting Group List-follow links for detailed breed info- dogs not to scale.

Finnish Spitz Lowchen
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