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Wire Fox Terrier Temperament

Personality and Breed Guide

Wire Fox Terrier Temperament


This Wire Haired Terrier is an elegant and finely built dog with a chutzpah and cheerful personality that will lighten the mood of even your darkest day. Excitable and eager to please this is a Terrier that's always up for a game of chase or ball and makes an excellent pet for the active owner.

This little fella will be your best lieutenant, your accomplice and your side kick all rolled into one, they form incredibly strong bonds with their families.

Wire Fox Terrier’s temperament makes them fearless, sometimes to the point of stupidity and they may well pick arguments with larger dogs, this coupled with a very powerful hunting instinct mean that proper socialization and consistent training are key .

The Wirehaired Fox Terrier is a very vocal breed, quick to bark at any new sight or sound. They will vocalize to express happiness, displeasure and loneliness with equal vigour, so you might need to consider who your neighbours are before choosing the Wire Fox Terrier as your doggy companion.

Ideal Wire Fox Terrier Owners Are...

Active and experienced with the strong willed persistence to socialize and train properly this independently minded tornado. ..Oh and also a good sense of humour as he will really make you laugh.

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