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Welsh Terrier Temperament

Personality, Information and Breed Guide

Welsh Terrier Temperament


Spirited, courageous and intelligent aptly describe this terrier’s personality. They are an easy going friendly breed and affectionate towards their family, which makes them fairly obedient and easily controlled.

The Welshie is described as "No frills", which at first sounds like a bit of a put down, its not meant to be. They have limitless energy for playing games, but will be quite happy to chew on a bone while you go about your business.

They do have a well defined mischievous streak in them so a good sense of humour will also be a helpful asset for any owner of this cheeky little scamp.All in all, they make a very loyal, loving and hardy pet.

Another aspect of the Welsh Terrier’s temperament is that they are very game little dogs out in the field, quite fearless and still retaining that strong hunting instinct that they were originally bred for.

Though not aggressive, the Welshie  is still a terrier and won’t generally back down from trouble! He is quite capable of holding his own against much larger opponents.

The Ideal Welsh Terrier Owner Is..

Experienced and confident who has time and energy to train this exuberant and lively character.

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