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 If you think a small sized dog only needs half the care of a bigger dog, then think again!

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Types of Small Dogs

Small dog breeds are generally under 25lbs or 11kg and come primarily from the Toy and Terrier groups.

Not all small breeds are the same.  Some are vermin hunters and some are companion lap dogs. Your lifestyle should reflect your choice of small dog as a Jack Russell Terrier couldn't be more different in temperament to a Pekingese if you tried.

Pros and Cons Of A Small  Breed

Disadvantages include:

Cavalier  K.C  SpanielFrench BulldogYorkshire TerrierShih Tzu

Popular Small Dogs

Bichon Frise Border Terrier Boston  Terrier Chihuahua Pomeranian Pug

Types Of Small Dogs