Two types of hounds make up this group, sight and scent hounds have the best eyes and noses of the whole doggy world.

Types Of Hounds


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Hounds are some of the oldest breeds in existence to day, reflecting the fact that for thousands of year’s man has hunted animals.

Whilst bow and arrow,even spear served this purpose well, speed and stamina were required to chase down prey over open country, sight hounds developed a keen turn of pace and remarkable stamina whilst the scent hounds evolved to pursue prey in close, dense and more difficult terrains such as forest, marsh or bush .

The hound group displays enormous variation in size, temperament, speed and strength.

A hound’s quarry may vary from that of a small rabbit right up to large ferocious beasts, wolves, elk even lions.

One thing they all have in common though are their excellent senses and an independence that comes from working alone away from human guidance, hounds generally are not aggressive or territorial and are at their happiest when you give them something to chase or sniff.

Afghan Hound

American English Coonhound

American Foxhound


Basset Hound


Black And Tan Coonhound


Bluetick Coonhound


Cirnecco dell’Etna


English Foxhound



Irish wolfhound

Ibizan Hound


Norwegian Elkhound

Pharaoh Hound

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Portuguese Podengo Pequennd


Rhodesian Ridgeback

Redbone Coonhound

Scottish Deerhound



Walker Treeing Coonhound

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