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Saluki Temperament

Personality, Information and Breed Guide

Saluki Temperament


Salukis are sight hounds and  their personality can  come across as aloof and independently minded, they carry a regal air about themselves and are sensitive and reserved, especially with strangers, but are gentle and affectionate with their owners or family. They retain a strong hunting instinct and are liable to to take off if an opportunity presents itself and may not be easily recalled.

“When they choose, Salukis can be attentive. Otherwise, owners can prattle on to no avail, with words going in one fringed ear and out the other.

The Breed is reserved, not prone to frequent cuddling. Cat owners find the Saluki independence appealing”Chris Walcowicz- the Perfect Match

With the Saluki’s temperament  beings sensitive and quite reserved, they are far more suited to living In a household with adults and respectful older children.

Though even tempered they will not tolerate for very long the unwanted or chaotic attention that very small children bring with them.

May be problematic with small pets, even pet gazelles come to that. Reserved but generally friendly with other dogs. Will chase any thing that looks like prey.

The Ideal Saluki Owner Is ...

Affectionate, gentle and an experienced trainer able to offer this beautiful dog the outside space it needs to be able to run safely. As always if you like this breed,

Not for Small pet owners, someone who wants a doting dog. Someone who doesnt’ have access to good open spaces to run their Saluki.

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