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Lakeland Terrier Temperament

Personality and Breed Guide

Lakeland Terrier Temperament


Like many of their terrier cousins this is an adventurous and energetic little dog that loves to spend time with its family.

“The Lakeland is active and curious, much like a young child. Their attributes can lead them and the owners into all sorts of funny or troubling dilemmas. Owners say that they are con artists and like to get their own way, they’ll try to charm you.”Chris Walcowicz- the Perfect Match

The Lakeland Terrier aka Patterdale Terrier  is an affectionate and gregarious dog, not one that will sit around for long periods of time. They naturally want to be involved with everything that goes on in the home and will keep tabs on everyone, often just going from room to room to make sure all is as it should be.

Whilst they will tolerate being left alone for short periods of time, if left alone too long are likely to become bored, get into trouble and exhibit problem behaviors

The Lakeland Terrier’s enthusiastic  temperament means they make the most of everyday, always busy investigating, playing and, if they get the chance hunting, chasing and running.

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