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Jack Russell Terrier Personality

 Information and Breed Guide

Jack Russell Terrier Personality


Very intelligent, fun loving and active is a good way to sum up this characterful little terrier.

Amusing and always entertaining, the Jack Russell Terrier is ever eager to play and is a very affectionate loving family dog; In fact whatever is going on at the time you will find this little chap at the heart of the action.

On the flip side the Jack Russell has certain less desirable traits that you will want to manage through training and socialisation.

They can be aggressive with other dogs and have a high prey drive so are unlikely to be the most suitable guardian for your pet guinea-pig when you go to work.

They need to be entertained and kept busy, either through formal exercise or interesting activities as a bored Jack Russell can become restless and destructive.

The Jack Russell’s personality is such that they are easily excited and strong-willed to boot, they will do their utmost to achieve a goal.

Couple these traits with the fact that they are good climbers and diggers willl leave you amazed at what a well motivated “Jackie” can achieve when he sets his mind to it.

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Parson Jack Russell Terrier


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