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All Dog Temperaments are different. Understanding your dogs’s personality is  key to a harmonious relationship,

As you are thinking about what kind of dog or breed will best suit your own  lifestyle, one of the key factors to take into consideration is the broad personality traits of your desired pooch.

The more you are able to include your dog into that lifestyle, the more  harmonious that  partnership is going to be. It may seem obvious but it’s amazing how many people don’t consider this when they are looking for a dog

If you lead an active lifestyle and want a companion to train with then it makes sense to find a dog that just loves to busy such as a Border Collie, Dachshunds just don’t make good running partners. Likewise, some dogs crave human company and hate to be left on their own which is no good if you are out of the house for extended periods of time.

Most dog behavioural problems are avoidable and result from people choosing dogs whose basic temperaments are incompatible with their own, meaning, they are not given the right kinds of stimulus or interaction to keep them happy.

Factors Influencing Your Dog’s Temperament

As a rule of thumb broad personality traits can be seen across the breed groups.

Terriers: Feisty and Scrappy

Sporting Dogs: Friendly and Biddable

Hounds: Aloof or Gregarious

Working Dogs: Devoted and Brave

Herding Dogs: Active and Driven

Toys & Non-sporting: Draw traits from all the groups.

Caveat: All dogs are individuals and some variance of personality is to be expected.

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