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Dalmatian Temperament

Personality, Information and Breed Guide

Dalmatian Temperament


The Dalmatian personality is an ever moving bundle of enthusiastic spotty bounciness, being affectionate, playful and loyal. They are incredibly smart dogs, pretty much one of the brightest dogs around and coupled with an independent mindedness or a stubborn streak means they can be wilful,and liable to develop selective hearing if there is something that interests them. Thorough and consistent training from puppy hood is highly recommended

Sometimes too much popularity can be a bad thing and these guys have had problems associated with over breeding in puppy mills, certain health conditions such as deafness and aggressiveness being particular concerns.

Don't let this put you off however, just make sure you know how to find a reputable breeder over a backyard breeder or puppy mill outfit

 The Dalmatian temperament is affectionate and playful  and they make great playmates especially when raised with children

They make an excellent watchdog, with high guarding instincts  and a reserved attitude towards strangers. Dalmatians  Can be dog aggressive, has a natural urge to hunt smaller animals. But is companionable and tolerant of most - especially horses

The Ideal Dalmatian Owner Is very active, this dog loves to run and run. Patient able to give this dog the training he will need to curb that wilful streak. Not overly house proud, they shed hair a fair bit and that wagging tail is prone to knocking over the odd Ming vase or two.

Not Recommended for, stay at home couch dwellers, weak willed owners, overly house proud or fussy types, allergy sufferers.


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