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Chow Chow Personality

 Information and Breed Guide

Chow Chow Personality


“..Reserved and dignified, Chows believe most doggy chores are beneath them.The description ‘lordly’ fits. “ Chris Walcowicz- the Perfect Match

Chows are a reserved breed, even towards their own family members and somewhat suspicious of strangers, in fact their aloofness is much more aligned to a typical cat's behaviour than man’s best friend. Not very tolerant or playful the Chow Chow’s personality is one for  the enthusiast or experienced dog owner.

Not well suited to children as they are intolerant and not particularly playful. Chows will tolerate kids if exposed early enough but will never be a playmate.

Natural guard dog, very loyal to the family, will require lots of good socialisation to avoid protective instinct from becoming an issue.

This is a dominant breed,can be aggressive towards other dogs especially males, doesn't get on particularly well with other animals either, at best will tolerate.

The Ideal Chow Chow Owner is confident and experienced who likes their dog to be independent minded and not demanding of excessive attention.  Able to instil early socialization and a firm but fair disciplinary approach. Who likes a quiet well behaved dog.

Not Recommended for inexperienced owners, weak willed owners lacking confidence, households with children or other animals, hot climates, active outdoors lifestyles, owners who want lots of affection from their dog.

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