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Bloodhound Temperament

Personality, Information and Breed Guide

Bloodhound Temperament


Bloodhounds are the quintessential hound dog with their long hanging ears, droopy eyes, sagging jowls and powerful wagging tail that will sweep anything over that’s not fixed down, including small children! Then of course  will come that vigorous shake of the head to send great gobs of drool and slobber flying in all directions!

The ‘Bloody’ is a really loveable dog, mild mannered, and extremely patient. He's an absolute Prince with children, gentle and very affectionate. If you're looking for easy going, then look no further,

Their laid back Bloodhound temperament makes them good-natured companions, so good-natured that they will let kids climb all over them and not mind, in fact they will just love all the attention.

Despite all the goofy good humour you cant hide from their nature, they are the best scent hounds in the business and it is something they take very seriously.

Take your Bloody off the leash whilst walking at your peril! once they find an interesting scent they are off.

They are able to follow any scent, even human, which is a rare ability in a dog. Apparently they can also follow trails over 100 hours old and will not give up until they get to the end of it, no matter how long that trail may be or how many highways they have to cross to get there.

The Bloodhound is the only animal whose evidence is admissible in an American court of law and they are such sure trackers that the breed is used worldwide for rescue and criminal searches. One Bloodhound brought about 600 criminal arrests and convictions!

The Ideal Bloody Owner Is  Kind, patient and firm who is experienced with dogs. Someone who has enough space for a large dog with a sweeping tail and enjoys the idea of very long walks on a leash which is attached to a great slobbery sniffing machine.

Not For house proud types, weak willed pushovers, slobber-phobes, owners of precious Ming vases and other objets d’art.

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