Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier, sometimes known as the Parson Jack Russell is the archeytypal terrier whose inquisitive and extrovert nature make them an ever popular favourite.
jack russell terrier, jack russell, picture, parson, terrier
This little terrier is not one to be ignored, named after hunting clergyman Parson Jack Russell in the 1880's, who bred from a variety of terriers looking to create a small dog that was big enough to run with the hunt, yet small and fearless enough to follow a fox to earth, the resultant success of these feisty little terriers coupled with their outgoing personality ensured their popularity, both amongst the hunting fraternity and the wider public at large.

jack russell terrier, jack russell, picture, parson, terrier Is there a difference between a Parson Jack Russell and a Jack Russell?

With regards official recognition todays breed has had a somewhat mixed history, finally recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2001 under the name Parson Jack Russell, there are still many debates over breed standard amongst fanciers. The AKC and its parent club The Parson Russell Terrier association of America (PRTAA) favour a longer legged leaner dog, whilst the Jack Russell Club of America (JRTCA) associated with the United Kennel Club (UKC) favour its stockier shorter legged bretheren.

There are many "shades" of Jack Russell in between and many dogs which are unfailingly regarded as a Jack Russell would fall outside of the respective clubs's fairly narrow breed restrictions. Breed standards aside most Jack Russells share the same characteristics and personalities.

    Fast Facts

    GroupTerrier (UK Terrier, FCI 3)
    Life Span: 15 years or more
    Height: 10-12in(25-31 cm.)
    weight: 15-30lbs (6-8 kg)
    Colour: White, tan and black combinations, with tri-colour a combination of the three.
    Shedding: Moderate shed but year round
    Coat: There are three coat types, smooth , wire haired and broken ( which is a mix of the first two) and is close thick and short
    Grooming: The Jack Russell Terrier is very easy to groom, and will need to be combed or brushed about once per week. A firm bristle brush is all that is necessary to maintain their clean and healthy coat.Bathing and shampooing is only necessary when the dog has become extremely dirty.
    Children: With socialisation this is a great breed for older children their inquisitive and active nature being the perfect match. Unlkely to tolerate the proddings and pokings of an equally inquisitive toddler however.
    Animals: High prey drive means they are generally bad company for cats and other furries in the house, socialisation and growing up with other small animals may temper these aggressive tendencies.
    Size: Small
    Exercise: High, needs plenty of exercise, whether that be long walks , running or hi energy games of fetch n catch, expect to keep fit with a Jackie
    Protection level: Will bark alot, and look ferocious

jack russell terrier, jack russell, picture, parson, terrier


Very intelligent, fun loving and active is a good way to sum up this characterful little dog. Amusing and entertaining the Jack Russell Terrier is ever eager to play with new toys, games or people and is a very affectionate loving family dog; in fact whatever is going on at the time you will find this little chap at the heart of the action.

On the flipside the Jack Russell has certain less desirible traits that you will want to mangage through training and socialisaction. They can be aggressive with other dogs and have a high prey drive so are unlikely to be the most suitable guardian for your pet Guinea-Pig when you go to work.

They need to be entertained and kept busy, either through formal exercise or interesting activities, a bored Jack Russell Terrier can become restless and destructive.

Easily excited and strong-willed to boot they will do their utmost to achieve a goal, coupled with being good climbers and diggers you would be amazed at what a Jack russell can achieve when he sets his mind to it.

The Ideal Owner Is....

energetic and has the stamina to keep up with their Jack Russell's high activity levels. Experienced with the necessary patience required to socialize and train this dog well from puppyhood

Jack-Russell-Terrier-Tarka-by-MikeHalesNZ-on-Flikr Health Issues

The Jack Russell Terrier is a hardy breed and quite healthy overall.There are though some special medical conditions to pay attention to:

Hip Dysplasia: Canine hip dysplasia (CHD) can cause mild to severe lameness.

Collie Eye Anomaly: can cause blindness, but is not a progressive disease.

Legg Perthes disease: a disease of the hip joints of small breeds of dogs.

Deafness: Congenital Deafness can be a problem.

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