Best Dog House Training Tips, Your Guide To Perfect Puppy Potty Perfection.

House Training Your Puppy

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Hhow-to-house-train-your-dogouse training your puppy is one of most important aspects of dog training, and the quicker you can achieve this the better! The best way to house train your puppy is by understanding and combining their natural behaviour with rules and a reliable training schedule.  

Puppy potty training need not be difficult. As with any dog training you need to be consistent, and patient, not only by immediately letting them know when they are doing the right or wrong thing, but also by giving them boundaries so that it almost becomes more difficult to do the wrong thing over the right thing.

Don’t just leave it up to your dog to figure out what it is you are expecting of them, your job will be to guide them naturally in the right direction, and it will help with the house training process immensely if you learn to understand your dog’s inner wolf.

Dogs, like wolves are extremely territorial and are born with a strong drive to stake their claim, they stake their territorial boundaries with bodily fluids through  a process called “scent posting”. Every dog’s urine has a unique odor which acts like a canine signature and is immediately discernable to other dogs. Dogs like to reaffirm their boundaries and generally mark the same places all the time.

The key to house training your dog therefore is to acknowledge that you are asking your dog to do something that is quite counter instinctive to him, IE not scent posting the boundaries of his living space (also known as your living room ) but somewhere of your choosing.

Of course with very young puppies house training is really coming to terms with the fact that they are physically incapable of holding on for much longer than 20 minutes at a time and so potty training is really all about managing their little needs and limiting where they can actually go.

House Training Your Puppy

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Before you go inside let puppy explore your front or backyard giving them every opportunity to mark their new patch, this area will then become their preferred place to do their business and will help greatly in the training ahead.

Your dog will not understand the discipline if you correct him for something they did hours or even minutes before.You must catch them in the act if you want  training to work.

You will need to watch your dog very carefully when house training. If your dog  is making all the signs that he needs to go to the toilet such as scratching, circling, sniffing, or squatting,  then say ”No” and immediately get them outside. Some dogs will not obviously display all these signals so the onus is on you to pay particular attention to their behaviour and note the times they are ready to go to the toilet.

Accidents will of course  happen and If you do  come home to a mess, simply clean it up and wait for an opportunity to show  your dog the correct behavior.

Never get angry or shout at your dog as they simply won’t understand, and may become anxious or stressed which will make house training puppy even harder!

how-to-house-train-a-dogDogs who are not house trained should be taken outside often.  A good concept to remember when thinking about house training a dog or puppy is that the more access your dog has to the outside world, the less the chances are that he will have an accident in the house. If you schedule daily outside time and stick to it.

Every person and family will have a different routine—there is no one right schedule for everyone. Just make sure that you arrange times and duties that everyone can stick with. The schedule you set up will have to work with your normal routine and lifestyle.

Your first priority in the morning will be to get the dog outdoors. Just how early this is will depend more on your dog than on you. Once your dog comes to expect a morning walk, there will be no doubt in your mind when she needs to go out.

You will also very quickly learn to tell a dog's "emergency" signals. Do not test the young dogs ability for self-control. A vocal demand to be let out is confirmation that the house training lesson is learned.

Its important, again, to follow routine: Feed, walk, and water the dog at the same times every day why not print off this handy puppy potty training schedule as a good starting guide.

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Listen to, or download  this wonderfully informative podcast from one of the top dog trainers and behaviourists around today .

You will be amazed at how simple house training can be once you have learned to understand your dog’s needs.

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