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How To Care For A Dog

how to care for a dogknowing how for care for a dog is important, especially when choosing the right dog for your lifestyle; covering dog hair care, low maintenance dog breeds and lots more.

As a prospective new owner you will need to know how much maintenance your dog will require for its everyday welfare.

Knowing how to care for a dog is pretty straight forward for the most part, but the regularity with which this care is conducted depends on the breed and how mucky or adventurous your dog likes to get.

If you are the sort of person that can barely brush your own hair in the morning before charging off to work with a piece of toast clamped in your mouth, then choosing the right dog here may be to find to relatively a low maintenance breed.

How To Care For A Dog

Taking care of a dog properly means that all dogs regardless of type will need some basic grooming to keep them fit and healthy. Nails need to be clipped ears cleaned, teeth brushed and regular  bathing are  all very important for your dogs general health and well being.

Check out this simple primer guide on DIY dog grooming to give you an idea of what is involved

Brushing and grooming is essential to ensuring doggy good health, how much grooming you are prepared to do depends entirely on your lifestyle and available time, some dogs however must be professionally groomed while others are literally ' write on - wipe off’.

Most dogs enjoy being brushed it is a great way to build up a bond of trust with your pooch and again  how much you need to brush your dog will depend very much on hair type; the longer the hair the more brushing you will need to do in order to maintain minimum standards and avoid tangling or matting.

The Afghan Hound pictured  above for example is a breed that should be brushed thoroughly at least 3 times a week and has a coat that is thick and difficult to manage.On  top of this you would need to think about bathing it every 2 weeks.

If this level of grooming is likely to be too much for you, then you might want to consider breeds that are shorter haired or require less management; Beagles, Boxers, and Greyhounds only require a regular brush, their short coats don't need clipping and bathing is unnecessary most of the time.

Taking care of a dog properly them requires you to have a good understanding of how much maintenance you are likely to have time for. If you love the idea of grooming a dog to almost professional standards and spending hours ensuring your dog looks its absolute best that's great, just make sure you can handle it.

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