So Who is Dove Cresswell and what is Dog Training Online?

Dove Cresswell has led an interesting and adventurous life to date that revolves around her love of animals and dogs in particular

Training first as a veterinary assistant before moving into the glamorous world of Hollywood to work as an animal trainer, Dove has built up a sterling reputation within in the film industry for her work with animals and her skills are highly sought after.

She has also  attained the highest level of accreditation possible as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer(CPDT).

It is with this excellent background in mind that Dove Cresswell has developed Dog Training Online in order impart her knowledge to anyone regardless of their experience who is wanting to train their dog.

  Dove’s whole approach to dog training is that training should be seen as a game rather than a chore  and every lesson is presented with a positive, fun and easy approach in mind.

Dog Training Online is an entirely digital program consisting of 50 high quality videos which are broken down into 5 main catagories:

“ By the way my rescue pup has come on in leaps and bounds thanks to your training material, really am very grateful, more than worth what I paid, thank you!”- Linda

What Makes Dog Training Online Stand Out From The Rest?

Firstly, I personally love the fact that Dog Training Online is entirely video based, it makes training my dog so convenient, I can just take my smart phone out  with me and train anywhere I want.

I find it much easier to learn when I can see and hear exactly what Dove is doing in her lessons, the techniques she uses, the way she changes her tone of voice to interact with her furry pupils, even the way her body language naturally alters, is so subtlety effective, that I doubt you can really ever truly pick that up from reading a book .

Shot in stunning 720 HD and with perfect sound the professional production quality of Dove’s training program really stands out and I would say Is the best I have seen in any training video to date, this of course makes a big difference if you are training on your smart phone in a park  rather than at home on your PC.

Another thing I really liked about Dog Training Online is the fact that Dove’s methods only require 15 minutes of training a day split between  3 x 5 minute intervals. Now I know this doesn’t sound like much but when you think that traditional training methods are often based around repetitively bribing or coercing your dog into training submission, Dog Training Online is all about making training a really fun game and believe me the difference it makes when your dog is really enjoying what they are doing that they don't even realise they are being trained- its great!.

I would also like to mention Dove Cresswell herself. Her bubbly and happy personality really shine through in these videos, it is clear she loves the her work and the dogs she trains, her expertise is obvious and she demonstrates her training methods in a really simple and engaging way, its no wonder that Dog Training Online is one of the most popular programs available.

"The training techniques we learned through DTO had our 10 week old German Shepard sitting, heeling, and staying on command after only a couple of sessions! Most importantly though, the training sessions are both fun and positive for our little pup”

-S & R Hickey, Kelowna, BC

Dog Training Online Review -summary

Dog Training Online is a beautifully produced and highly effective training product, and the rapport that Dove has with her dogs and audience really shines through. Dove Cresswell makes dog training fun again!


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Dog Training Online is a beautifully effective online dog training course developed by Hollywood renowned animal trainer Dove Cresswell. Based on a simple premise that dog training should be fun. Read our in depth review and find discover what makes this one of the most popular dog training programs around.

Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training online Review

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