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Is Finding The Right Dog For You

Great advice when choosing the right dog! We cover all aspects of how to choose a dog, researching the best dog breed for your personal situation. Finding the right dog is simple when you know how.

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When choosing the right dog, it is important to consider a number of factors, your new dog is going to be your best friend for life and you don't want to let your best friend down by making ill informed decisions do you?

Ask your self some questions; do you really want a dog? What are the reasons you are getting one ? You may want a companion, a protector and a playmate for your children or you may have ambitions for your dog as a competitor in obiedience trials or the showring.

Your reasons for wanting a dog will make a considerable difference to the type of dog you choose, but whether you select a large, small, mongrel, pedigree, dignified or sporting beastie, it will demand a great deal in terms of time, attention and care.

Cuddly puppies can grow up into energetic, hungry and wilful adults so before you take the plunge, make certain that you have room for a dog in your life.

Choosing the right dog for you and your lifestyle takes some time and effort to research properly. It is time and energy well spent however inorder to avoid making ill thought out decisions and costly mistakes .

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Before you make such a commitment here are just some of the things to think about in more detail when choosing the right dog:

Cost Can you afford a dog? regular checkups, dog health insurance, food bills, grooming etc it all costs.

Dog Size: Do you have a small apartment? Did you know that a big dog may be better than a small one?. For more size related issues follow the link.

Age: So you think you want a puppy! Are you sure you know what's involved?

Maintenance: Taking care of a dog properly means more than just feeding, walking and throwing the occasional stick

Temperament: Finding compatible dog personalities to suit your lifestyle.

Purebred Or Mixed Breed: The good, the bad and the ugly! Decide for yourself.

Training : All dogs need to be trained and socialized some breeds are easier than others.

Our Friends at Puppies-2-Dogs give great advice on several aspects of doggy life including obiedience, socialization and training tips not to mention house-training methods and dog safety. Why not pay them a visit!

One final consideration when choosing the right dog is whether anyone in your household is likely to suffer from an allergic reaction, it is important to note that while there are considered to be Non Allergic Dog Breeds The actual allergic reaction induced by dogs is not normally due to dog hair, but rather the irritants or pollutants that a dog's hair attracts. As someone considering the effects of a dog on your allergy you may be pleasantly surprised at just how many dog breeds you might be tolerant of .

Choosing the right dog boils down to making sure you are doing your best to ensure you match the right kind of dog to your lifestyle. I am sure you have realised by now that there are a great many different factors and combinations at work.

Keep it simple. Know what you can and cannot provide for your dog and work within those boundaries. Don't let the heart rule the head and you will be choosing the the right dog for you.

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