Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is lively,exuberant and naturally playful! discover more about this great breed plus info on Bearded Collie rescue and reputable breeders.

    Fast Facts

    Group Herding (Uk Pastoral FCI 1)

    Life Span: 12-14 years.
    Size: Medium
    Height: 20-22in (51 - 56 cm)
    weight: 35-55lbs (16 - 25 kg)

    Colour:All shades of grey,black blue, brown, and red with or without white markings.

    Shedding: Heavy; groomed properly though they shed minimally. Most of the dead hair is removed when you comb and brush them out. The absolute worst time for shedding is when they lose the puppy coat (between 9 - 18 months). This stage lasts about three months as your dog loses hair from top to bottom or from front to rear.

    Coat: The Bearded Collie pictures here perfectly illustrate a coat that is flat, harsh and shaggy. It can be slightly wavy but not curly, with an undercoat that is soft, furry and close. The outer coat is flat and shaggy falling naturally to either side. The weatherproof outer coat is long and dense, providing protection against all weather conditions.


    You need only look at the Bearded Collie pictures on this page to see that Beardies need lots of grooming. Either you will have to learn to groom like a pro, have them groomed by a pro, or clip all that shaggy hair short. Grooming can take an average of one and a half to two hours or more per week and If you don't maintain the grooming you will end up with a matted mess that can lead to skin and other health problems.

    Long hair also means things you'd rather not have in the house being brought in with your Beardie; Leaves, sticks, mud and other things your dog has either rolled in or rubbed up against, not to mention any crawlies that took a fancy to being buried in your dog's coat.

    For more advice, why not check out this starter guide to grooming a dog.

    Children: Very fond of children , this is a real family centered dog but may be too enthusiastic for toddlers.

    See also: Best Dog Breed For Children.

    Exercise: Beardie's need LOTS of exercise! and this does not mean just running around the backyard. They need vigorous exercise every day and at a minimum should get an hour of rigorous (romping) exercise at least three or four times a week.

    Beardies have no end to their energy both indoors and out. If left to their own devices, they will make up their own games to play and chew on whatever they can find or just jump the fence and take off. Outside they will entertain themselves by digging holes. The goal is to stimulate both the mind and the body of your Beardie, to engage his limitless curiosity and high intelligence.

    Protection level: Very Low, about as much use as a chocolate teapot in the guarding stakes.

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Energetic, patient and gentle enough to give this playful beastie the exercise and grooming he requires.


The Beardie is medium sized and very agile. A herding dog of great stamina and high intelligence, the Beardie is noted for its shaggy coat and never flagging wagging tail. As these Bearded Collie pictures suggest, the breed is related to the Old English Sheepdog, the Beardie has a broad head, short muzzle and a shaggy coat all over including under the chin which is where the nickname 'Beardie' came from.

This dog is without a doubt one of the canine worlds' biggest clowns and many seem to think he has pogo sticks in his legs, or at the very least was crossed with a grass hopper. His bounce and charm are addicting and he is always joyous and affectionate.

Playful and a tad cheeky, his tail is always wagging and He has a lovely sense of humour which, combined with his high energy levels make for some pretty funny episodes. Males tend to be more outgoing and bold, while females are calmer and more submissive.

Beardies jump and can even clear very high fences if they don't have something to do that appeals to them. They'll also jump up to greet you, kiss your nose and look you straight in the eye! Great trick, but it can scare little ones and others who aren't used to such enthusiastic greetings.

This breed does well with other animals particularly if they were raised with them. Some can be bossy about possessions and hoard all the toys in their den and being herding dogs, they will chase things if tempted.


Generally a quite hardy breed, the Beardie does have some special medical conditions to be aware of: cataracts, hypothyroidism, Addison's disease and Von Willebrands disease.

If You Are Looking For Responsible Bearded Collie Breeders try the following organisations.

Firstly make sure you read our great advice on choosing a puppy and finding a reputable breeder.

You can try the AKC National Breed Club Who will put you in touch with registered Bearded Collie Breeders here

Bearded Collie rescue or adoption is nearly always the kindest way to get your great new Beardie Buddy, as there are many reasons why dogs need to be rehomed.

Here are just a few links to some great Bearded Collie rescue and adoption organisations

The Friendly Beardie Club

Bearded.Collie Club of Canada

Bearded.Collie Club Of America

Kennel Club Beardie Rescue Links

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Bearded Collie

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They Are: alert, Lively,
Exuberant & Playful.